September Sales

September Sales 

  •  Monday 5th: Opening Sale of Weanlings @ 11am. Booking friday august 26th from 9:30am.

  •  Wednesday 7th: Annual Heifer Sale @ 11am. Booking Wednesday August 31st from 9:30am

  • Friday 9th: Sheep Breeding Sale @ 7pm

  • Monday 12th: Dry Cows, Cows & Calves and Weanlings, Sale @ 5pm Usual Sheep Sale @ 6:30pm

  • Wednesday 14th: Annual Bullock Sale, Booking Wednesday 7th from 9:30am

  • Monday 19th: Special Organic Sale in cojunction with usual Monday evening Sale @ 5pm, Sheep Sale @ 6:30pm

  • Wednesday 21st: Heifer Sale Booking wednesday 14th from 9:30am.

  • Friday 23rd: Sheep Breeding Sale @ 7pm.

  • Saturday 24th: National Charlaois Calf Show

  • Monday 26th: Dry Cows, Cows & Calves and weanlings Sale @ 5pm. Usual Sheep Sale @ 6:30pm.

  • Wednesday 28th:Special AA Bullock Sale @ 11am. booking Wednesday 21st from 9:30am.